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Esperanto? What's that?

A language
created to facilitate communication amongst people from different countries. In practical use for more than a hundred years, Esperanto has proved to be a genuinely living language, capable of expressing all facets of human thought.

International and neutral
Esperanto doesn't belong to any specific country or people. It belongs equally to everybody who speaks it, acting as a bridge between cultures.

It's easy!
Esperanto has a simple, regular and extremely flexible structure, and a vocabulary of international character. This makes it possible to reach fluency much more quickly than in any other language - it's up to ten times easier to learn, according to scientific studies.

Why could it be interesting to learn Esperanto?

Make friends
all over the world, for instance, by having penpals in distant countries and other cultures. If you like travelling, you can take along "Pasporta Servo", which lists speakers of Esperanto in more than 70 countries. They are interested in accomodating you, free of charge and might also show you a bit of their town or country.

Go to meetings
along with other Esperanto-speakers: in your own town or country, or internationally. The meetings such as the World Congress of Esperanto, the International Youth Congress and other international youth meetings take place in different countries every year and offer a fantastic experience for the thousands of people who participate.

Learn about other cultures
through a truly international medium. Esperanto has a vast literature, both translated and original on countless subjects, and there are also many periodicals and regular radio broadcasts in Esperanto.

How can you learn Esperanto?

Courses and text books
exist in most countries and languages. Because Esperanto is so easy, you can also learn it on your own or through a free postal course.
There are also several courses available on the net.

the group or association in your town or country, or write to the World Organization of Young Esperantists (TEJO), which has members in more than 100 countries throughout the world. We'll be pleased to give you any information or help we can.


Young Esperanto Speakers in Britain (JEB)
Esperanto House, Wedgwood Memorial College,
Barlaston, Stoke-on-Trent, ST12 9DE, BRITAIN
tel. 0845 230 1887, fax. 01782 372 393
E-mail: info @

U. S. Esperanto Youth Association (USEJ):

Esperanto League for North America (ELNA):
PO Box 1129, El Cerrito CA 94530, USA;
toll-free: 1-800-ESPERANTO; fax: 1-510-653-1468;

Canadian Esperantist Youth (JEK), youth section of Canadian Esperanto-Association (KEA):
JEK, P.O.Box 2159, Sidney, BC, Canada V8L 3S6;

World Organization of Young Esperantists (TEJO)
Nieuwe Binnenweg 176, NL-3015 BJ Rotterdam;
tel. +31 10 4361044, fax. +31 10 4361751.

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