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17. What Esperanto material is available on other (non-Internet) on-line services?


Several Bulletin Board Systems (BBSes) provide Esperanto services.

In North America:

USA: Microdot BBS, (812) 944-3907, New Albany, Indiana (near Evansville)
Part of the WWIV network of BBS systems. WWIV systems may subscribe to the Esperanto group "La Samideanoj".

USA: Satronics TBBS, (215) 464-3562 (1200-2400 bps 8-N-1), (215) 698-1905 (28 800 bps 8-N-1)
Sysop: Mark F. Miller,
Has an Esperanto forum. No telnet or WWW access.
Satronics TBBS is a non-commercial, community-supported BBS.

In South America:

Brazil: EducNet BBS, +55 61 347 24 83; area no 5 is in Esperanto
Sysop: Erasmo Gagliardi,

In Europe:

Netherlands: Esperantlingva Bultenejo Saluton!, tel. +31-53-4326886. FidoNet 2:283/323.
Sysop: Wim Koolhoven,
Devoted entirely to Esperanto.

Italy: AGORÁ telematiko, Torre Argentina Societá di Servizi S.p.A.
tel. 39-6-6892828 (10) 300/1200/2400 MNP5 N81
tel. 39-6-6832366 (10) 300 > 9600 MNP5 N81 V42 V42bis USRobotics
tel. 1421 (Easy Way Itapac)
Itapac NUA 26500016 (32) 1200 N81 S71 DNIC 0222
Tymnet login: agora (16) 2400 N81 S71
Internet telnet
Sysop: "Esperanto" Radikala Asocio,


International echo: ESPERANTO (same as Usenet group soc.culture.esperanto), Mario Mueller, 2:241/200.9

Dutch echo: ESPERANTO.028, Wim Koolhoven, 2:283/323

Portuguese echo: ESPERANTO_36, Ze Manel, 2:361/1 (Or Fausto Karvalo, 2:361/1? Still works?)

Common, partly in Russian: ESPERANTO.RUS, Anatoli Gulidov, 2:5020/388.1

Courses, for speakers of Russian and Ukrainian: DR.ESPERANTO, Va Milushnikov, 2:465/101.2


The mailing list ESPER-L mentioned above is also available in Bitnet. Send "subscribe esper-l" to listserv@trearn.

(Use this address only if mailing from a Bitnet account. If mailing from an Internet account, use the address, as mentioned above.)

Minitel, France

3615 ESPERANTO (1,27 FRF/min):
General information, contacts, upcoming events

3614 CNX*#ESPERANT (0,36 FRF/min):
Discussion group, personal mailboxes

3614 CNX*#JEFO (0,36 FRF/min):
Reserved for members of JEFO (French Organization of Young Esperantists)

3614 PING
Online chat and mailbox service in four languages (French, Esperanto, Italian, and English)

"300 pages about/in Esperanto"


CompuServe Information Service (CIS) has an Esperanto board in its Foreign Languages Education Forum. CIS subscribers can type GO FLEFO for further information.


There is an Esperanto forum in the section "Foreign Languages".

America On Line (AOL)

America Online has about 140 members whose list of interests include "Esperanto", but no specific Esperanto forum exists.


GEnie has some discussion of Esperanto in the Public Affairs Roundtable board, Category 15 -- International Affairs, Topic 29.

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